Veronica hederifolia

Common Name: 
ivy leaf speedwell
Scientific Name: 
Veronica hederifolia
Family Name: 
Scrophulariaceae - Figwort Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
introduced winter or summer annual, reproducing by seed
prostrate with weakly ascending tips, branched at base, scattered hairs
Growth Habit of Ivyleaf Speedwell
opposite below and alternate in flowering stem, broadly round, bases square or slightly heart-shaped, 3-5 lobed or toothed, scattered hairs above and below, resemble an ivy leaf
Leaves of Ivyleaf Speedwell
Leaves of Ivyleaf Speedwell
4-petaled, light blue with darker blue lines, small, long stalked; axillary, solitary
Flowers of Ivyleaf Speedwell
Seed Pods
heart-shaped, smooth, covered by hairy sepals, round or flat at top, short style