Verbesina alternifolia

Common Name: 
wingstem, yellow ironweed
Scientific Name: 
Verbesina alternifolia (L.) Britt. ex Kearney    syn.  Actinomeris alternifolia
Family Name: 
Asteraceae (Compositae) - Aster or Sunflower Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
introduced perennial, reproducing by seed and rhizomes
upright, tall, multiply from base and branching above, strongly winged, scattered white hairs
Stems of Wingstem
Stems of Wingstem
Stems of Wingstem
Stems of Wingstem
alternate, lanceolate to narrowly ovate, base tapering and sessile, extend down stem to form wings, margins sharp toothed and often turn downward, dark green and rough above, lighter green and less rough below with white hairs on veins
Leaves of Wingstem
heads of bright yellow rays (ligulate) florets around center of yellow or greenish yellow disk (tubulate) florets, ray florets less than ten which angled downward and appear drooping, disk florets become round with age; terminal clusters, loose
Flowers of Wingstem
Flowers of Wingstem
Flowers of Wingstem
Images of fruit of Wingstem
Fruit of Wingstem