Verbena urticifolia

Common Name: 
white vervain
Scientific Name: 
Verbena urticifolia L.
Family Name: 
Verbenaceae - Verbena Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
native summer annual, biennial or short-lived perennial, reproducing by seed
upright, stout, simple or branching, multiply from base, hollow and square, rough, densely haired, hairs long and spreading, becoming somewhat woody
Growth Habit of White Vervain
Growth Habit of White Vervain
Growth Habit of White Vervain
opposite, broadly lanceolate to oval, coarsely toothed, petioled, petioles winged, slightly haired or hairless above, hairy below, dark green above and light green below, veins below leaf surface above, veins raised below
Leaves of White Vervain
Leaves of White Vervain
5-petaled, white, small, petals fused; terminal and axillary above, panicle of spikes, loose and spreading, flowers sparsely spaced
Flowers of White Vervain