Verbena bracteata

Common Name: 
prostrate vervain, large bracted vervain, bracted vervain
Scientific Name: 
Verbena bracteata LAG. & RODR. syn. Verbena bracteosa
Family Name: 
Verbenaceae - Verbena Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
introduced summer annual or short-lived perennial, reproducing by seed
wide-spreading or procumbent and sprawling, slender, branched near base, mat-forming, somewhat square or 4-sided, white spreading hairs
Growth Habit of Prostrate Vervain
Growth Habit of Prostrate Vervain
opposite, lower divided into three lobes, terminal larges than two laterals, lobes further divided into lobes or toothed, upper leaves smaller and lack side lobes, scattered white hairs, petiole very short may appear absent and are winged leaves
Leaves of Prostrate Vervain
5-petaled, tubular and narrow, light blue to light purple, tube center white or greenish-white, large bract below each flower, bract linear to lanceolate with white hairs below and on margins; terminal spikes
Flowers of Prostrate Vervain
Flowers of Prostrate Vervain
Flowers of Prostrate Vervain