Typha latifolia

Common Name: 
common cattail
Scientific Name: 
Typha latifolia L.
Family Name: 
Typhaceae - Cattail Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
native perennial, reproducing by seed and rhizomes that forming large stand
upright, stout, round, unbranched, smooth, nodes absent, reproductive
Stems of Common Cattail
Stems of Common Cattail
Stems of Common Cattail
linear and long, bluish-green to grayish-green flat, upright, sheathing at base, mostly basal, stem leaves appear alternate, extend above inflorescence
3-parted, tiny; terminal cylindrical spike, dense, 2-parted, upper section with male flowers only and shed after pollination, lower section wider than top with female flowers only and often persist to next growing season, green becoming brown with age, se
Flowers of Common Cattail
Flowers of Common Cattail