Stellaria media

Common Name: 
common chickweed, starweed, starwort
Scientific Name: 
Stellaria media (L.) Vill.
Family Name: 
Caryophyllaceae - Pink Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
introduced winter annual, reproducing by seed
prostate with end ascending, light green, branched, single row of hairs, rooting at nodes
Stems of Common Chickweed
Stems of Common Chickweed
Stems of Common Chickweed
opposite, broadly ovate to heart-shaped, tips pointed, lower petioled, upper sessile, petioles with single row of hairs
Leaves of Common Chickweed
5-petaled white, deeply notched (appear to be 10-petaled), sepals long; solitary or clustered, terminal and axillary
Flowers of Common Chickweed