Rumex acetosella

Common Name: 
red sorrel, sheep sorrel, sour-grass, field sorrel
Scientific Name: 
Rumex acetosella L.
Family Name: 
Polygonaceae - Smartweed or Buckwheat Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
introduced perennial, reproducing by seed and rhizomes
eproductive, upright, slender, branching above, ridged, frequently reddish, nodes swollen, ocrea (papery or membranous sheath) at nodes
Growth Habit of Red Sorrel
Growth Habit of Red Sorrel
Growth Habit of Red Sorrel
basal leaves arrowhead-shaped, 2 pointed base lobes, smooth, petioled; stem leaves alternate, linear, sessile
Leaves of Red Sorrel
male greenish-yellow, female red to burnt orange, very small, petals absent; terminal clusters
Flowers of Red Sorrel
Male Plants of Red Sorrel