Polygonum convolvulus

Common Name: 
wild buckwheat, climbing buckwheat
Scientific Name: 
Polygonum convolvulus L. syn. Fallopia convolvulus
Family Name: 
Polygonaceae - Smartweed or Buckwheat Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
introduced annual, reproducing by seed
trailing or twining, multiple from base, branching, smooth, angled or ribbed, nodes swollen with ohrea present, ohrea short
Stems of Wild Buckwheat
Stems of Wild Buckwheat
alternate, triangular with heart-shaped base, margins entire with hairs
Leaves of Wild Buckwheat
5-sepaled, greenish to whitish sometimes purple tinged at base; terminal and axillary clusters or racemes, flowers scattered, single or paired to 4-whorled at raceme nodes
Flowers of Wild Buckwheat
Flowers of Wild Buckwheat
Seed Pods
3-angled, not winged with green husk