Plantago major

Common Name: 
broadleaf plantain, common plantain, dooryard plantain, whiteman's footprint
Scientific Name: 
Plantago major L.
Family Name: 
Plantaginaceae - Plantain Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
introduced perennial, reproducing by seeds
reproductive scapes, upright, leafless
Stems of Broadleaf Plantain
Stems of Broadleaf Plantain
ovate to elliptic, veins parallel and conspicuous below, wavy margins, long petioles with edges curve upward; basal rosette somewhat upright
Leaves of Broadleaf Plantain
4-petaled, greenish white, very small, stamens long; terminal heads cylindrical, elongated, narrow
Flowers of Broadleaf Plantain
Seed Pods
dehiscing around middle, circumscissile, many-seeded