Phragmites australis

Common Name: 
common reed, phragmites
Scientific Name: 
Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud., Phragmites communisPoaceae (Graminae)
Family Name: 
Poaceae (Graminae) - Grass Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
introduced perennial, reproducing by seed, stout rhizomes and sometimes stolons
Growth Habit of Common Reed
upright, very tall, round, smooth, hollow, sometimes purplish, nodes smooth, fallen culms often root at nodes, forms large colonies
blades lanceolate, gray-green, tapering to sharp point, flat, smooth above and below, wrinkle mid-blade, rough margins, scatted very short hairs; rolled in bud; auricles absent; ligule membranous, fringe with short hairs with much longer scattered hairs;
Leaves of Common Reed
Leaves of Common Reed
Leaves of Common Reed
Leaves of Common Reed
terminal panicle, large, dense and plume-like with tufts of white silky hairs, yellowish-brown to purple become light brown when mature and persisting though winter
Seedheads of Common Reed
Seedheads of Common Reed