Holcus lanatus

Common Name: 
common velvet grass, creeping soft grass, soft meadow grass, Yorkshire fog
Scientific Name: 
Holcus lanatus L.
Family Name: 
Poaceae (Graminae) - Grass Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
introduced perennial, reproducing by seed
upright, tufted, grayish velvety hairs throughout
Culms of Common Velvetgrass
Culms of Common Velvetgrass
blades pale green, whitish gray velvety hairs, prominent midrib; rolled in bud; auricles absent; ligule membranous, jagged edge, short hairs at apex; sheaths grayish velvety hairs, striated with purplish-red lines
Leaves of Common Velvetgrass
terminal panicle, dense, ovate to cylindrical, short branched, silvery white to often pinkish or purplish, sometimes enclosed in uppermost sheath
Seedheads of Common Velvetgrass
Seedheads of Common Velvetgrass