Hackelia virginiana

Common Name: 
beggarslice, virginia stickseed
Scientific Name: 
Hackelia virginiana (L.) I. M. Johnst.
Family Name: 
Boraginaceae - Borage Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
native biennial, reproducing by seed and forming large colonies
upright, stout, single from base, branched above, branches perpendicular to stem, rough and fine white hairs, frequently with dark purple striations and sometimes ribbed below
Stems of Beggarslice
Stems of Beggarslice
alternate, basal oval heart-shaped to oval with long winged petioles, stem leaves narrowly oval or lanceolate oblong and sessile, tapering at both ends, fine hairs on larger veins
Leaves of Beggarslice
5-petaled, white sometimes light blue, small and rather inconspicuous, forming tube, compact at tip and elongating with maturity, hanging downwards; terminal and axillary above, raceme-like clusters
capsule, round, dense barbed bristles, subtended with small bracts, 4-parted with 4 seeds
Fruit of Beggarslice
Fruit of Beggarslice