Geum canadense

Common Name: 
white avens
Scientific Name: 
Geum canadense Jacq.
Family Name: 
Rosaceae - Rose Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
native perennial, reproducing by seed
upright, slender, one to many, simple, branched above, fine pubescent above, sparsely hairy or smooth below
alternate, lower basal leaves long petioled and compound with 3 leaflets, upper leaves simple and nearly sessile, hairy above and below, stipules present, leaflets narrowly oval and toothed, terminal leaflets larger than others
Leaves of White Avens
Leaves of White Avens
5-petaled, white, long stalked, sepal somewhat sweptback and about as long as petals, sepals visible between petals; terminal cluster, branched, upright, one to a few in cluster
Flowers of White Avens
Flowers of White Avens
round cluster, bristly hooks
Fruit of White Avens
Fruit of White Avens