Geranium maculatum

Common Name: 
wild geranium, spotted cranesbill
Scientific Name: 
Geranium maculatum L.
Family Name: 
Geraniaceae - Geranium Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
native perennial, reproducing by seed and creeping roots
upright, branched, hairy, hairs spreading or pointed toward base
Stems of Wild Geranium
opposite on stem (one pair with short petiole or sessile) and basal leaves (few to several with long petiole), palmately divided and deeply cleft into 5-7 segments upper commonly having 3 segments, segments irregularly shallow and deeply toothed, hairy
Leaves of Wild Geranium
Leaves of Wild Geranium
5-petaled, pink to lavender purple occasionally white, petals with dark lines and whitish bases ; terminal cluster, loose, few to several
Flowers of Wild Geranium
Flowers of Wild Geranium
Flowers of Wild Geranium
Flowers of Wild Geranium
capsule, upright, long, thin, beaked, 5-seeded, green to brown at maturity
Fruit of Wild Geranium
Fruit of Wild Geranium