Galium aparine

Common Name: 
catchweed bedstraw, cleavers, stickywilly, annual bedstraw
Scientific Name: 
Galium aparine L.
Family Name: 
Rubiaceae - Madder Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
native annual, reproducing by seed
reclining-ascending to upright when young, sprawling habit, 4-sided, hollow, single row of downward-facing prickles on edges, many from base, branching
Stems of Catchweed Bedstraw
Stems of Catchweed Bedstraw
Stems of Catchweed Bedstraw
whorled 6 to 8 per node, linear to oblanceolate, sessile, bristle tip, margins entire, rough hairs on margins and underside midrib, hook-tipped hairs above
Leaves of Catchweed Bedstraw
Leaves of Catchweed Bedstraw
4-petaled, white to greenish-white, small; axillary (above) and terminal clusters of 2 to 5 flowers
Flowers of Catchweed Bedstraw
nearly round, bristly or rough hooked hairs
Fruit of Catchweed Bedstraw