Agrimonia gryposepala

Common Name: 
agrimony, tall hairy agrimony, church steeples, stickwort, sticklewort
Scientific Name: 
Agrimonia gryposepala Wallr.
Family Name: 
Rosaceae - Rose Family
Identification Notes
Life Cycle
Native perennial, reproducing by seed
Upright, stout, branched, long soft hairs, dark green, slightly fragrant when crushed
Alternate, pinnately compound, 5 to 9 leaflets increasing in size toward tip, small leaflet between main leaflets, ovate-lanceolate to obovate, coarsely toothed, mostly smooth above, rachis hairy leaves
Agrimony leaves
5-petaled, yellow, stalk hairy and glanular; solitary terminal spikes flowers flowers
Fruits enclosed in burr-like capsule, capsule top-shaped with hooked spines, green