Timelapse Stream Table Demonstration: Road - Stream Crossings

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
RiverSmart Communities' stream table

From it's temporary home at the UMass Amherst All Campus Pop-up Maker Space in October 2019, RiverSmart Communities' stream table makes a debut in this time-lapse of a stream table demo. We start with a simple scenario: a very small culvert and a straightened river channel. Quickly, the culvert fails and washes out. We then replace it with a bridge span, nearly wide enough for our channel (but not quite the aquatic passage friendly 1.2x bankfull width). As sediment supply increases, the channel migrates and braids downstream, and even avulses to form a new channel through a wetland area on the right. 1 minute in stream-table time represents approximately 2 years of channel evolution, so this 15-minute span condensed to 23 seconds represents approximately 30 years.