RiverSmart News

Published today in The Conversation.
Beavers in our landscapes have great potential to provide small-scale adaptations to climate change – if humans can figure out how to live with them.

The Division of Ecological Restoration (DER), Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, is seeking proposals from Massachusetts municipalities interested in replacing an undersized, perched, and/or degraded culvert located in an area of high ecological value. 

RiverSmart Communities has recently been profiled in two local pieces, the first as part of a series documenting our work on Greenfield Community TV, and the second by WGBY.  All four pieces are linked here in chronological order.  These include interviews with Geosciences Professors Eve Vogel and Christine Hatch, and Postdoctoral Researcher John Gartner.

The Division of Ecological Restoration has funding available for Massachusetts municipalities for field data collection for a degraded or undersized culvert located in an area of high value for fish and wildlife habitat and for which replacement would benefit community and ecological storm resiliency.

August  31, 2016: Dr. Eve Vogel released an 83-page report she wrote with several cooperators to help New England’s communities and their residents, as well as the governments that serve them, to better deal with and adjust to riverfloods.

Read or listen to this January 1, 2016 Vermont NPR story on how Vermont is preventing floods and erosion by letting its rivers take their own path.