The River Habitat Survey

Field-based method designed for consistent application by non-experts, to assess physical structure of stream, primarily for ecological and riverine-habitat purposes. The ability of RHS to inform or replace assessment methods used in other European countries has been investigated (Erba, et al. 2006; Raven, et al. 2002).  The RHS conforms to the river classification and assessment requirements set forth by the European Water Framework Directive.


  • Determine catchment characteristics
  • identify attributes of high quality ‘benchmark’ streams
  • identifying species-habitat relationships
  • provide input to environmental impact assessments

Field Assessment:

Includes input data of: Valley Form, Fluvial Features (riffles, pools, point bars), Artificial Features, Bank and Channel Material Bank and Channel Modification

Bank and Channel Features, Flow Type, Adjacent Land Use, Adjacent Land Cover – detailed, Channel Vegetation, Bank Profile, Channel Dimensions:

(Banktop height, Bankfull height, Water Depth, Channel width, Bankfull width), Vegetation choking of channel, Special Features, Overall Characteristics

Survey Outputs:

  • Habitat Quality Score
  • Modification Score
  • Habitat Quality Assessment Scheme

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