(From Raven, et al. 2002 - Germany)

This German survey method, also created in response to the EU WFD, is entirely field-based.  Twenty-five elements are analyzed within the stream channel, on its banks, and within its adjacent floodplain.  The lengths of study reaches depend on the channel width at that location.  Streams are given a structural quality score based on their digression from a theoretical “pristine” condition. The 25 elements analyzed fall under the broad categories of: Development of Stream Course, Longitudinal Profile, Riverbed Structure, Cross-Sectional Profile, Bank Structure, Riparian Surroundings


Raven, P. J., N. T. H. Holmes, P. Charrier, F. H. Dawson, M. Naura, and P. J. Boon. 2002. Towards a harmonized approach for hydromorphological assessment of rivers in Europe: a qualitative comparison of three survey methods. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 12(4), 405-424