Channel Migration Zone (CMZ)

Type of Method: 
Phase 1
Feature Image: 
Graphic of a Channel Migration Zone

This method delineates the channel migration zone based on a summation of other delineated zones:

  • The Historical Migration Zone (HMZ)
  • The Avulsion Hazard Zone (AHZ)
  • The Erosion Hazard Zone (EHZ)
  • The Erosion Hazard Area (EHA)
  • The Disconnected Migration Area (DMA)


The AHZ, EHA and DMA are delineated through field mapping and the assessment of surficial geology, fluvial landforms, geotechnical characteristics and current physical conditions of the given area. When combined with historical data analysis, field observations provide the means for predicting future channel change and delineating the boundaries of CMZ.

Method Summary