FFFGM Project Summary

This project used state-of-the-art assessment techniques to create a map of the river corridor for the Deerfield River in Massachusetts and Vermont, where considerable activity and excitement surrounding responsible whole-watershed management is underway, and existing funded projects can be leveraged for maximum benefit. Through this map, we will determine best-practices for fluvial geomorphic assessments for application elsewhere. On this corridor map we will then overlay maps of existing farmlands to target floodplain and river corridor farms for outreach efforts to disseminate educational materials highlighting the role farms play in floodplains.

We will integrate our knowledge with the basin's agricultural stakeholders in an effort to provide them with needed tools and support, including fact sheets and kits for flood preparedness, strategies for riparian land management to maximize overall watershed/river health and minimize damages, sources for relief and post-disaster assistance, and pro-active measures for riverfront property management (and potential for profit).