RiverSmart Communities Fact Sheets

to Basic FGM To FGM Science to Flood Planning to FundingFollowing the successful model of Massachusetts StormSmart Coasts (Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management 2009), these factsheets outline the science of fluvial geomorphology and riverine ecosystems, emphasize the synergies between long-term flood prevention and ecological restoration, explain local, state and federal regulatory requirements, and offer simple, easy-to-use decision-making tools.

Note: we are in the process of updating our fact sheets, please check again soon!

Basic Fluvial Geomorphology

  • What Makes a River?
  • River Science: What is it?
  • River Science: Who Benefits?
  • River Science: Why do we Care?
  • Stream Assessment
  • Assessment Protocols
  • Measuring Rivers
  • Bankfull
  • Stream Classification
  • Managing Rivers

The Science of Fluvial Geomorphology

  • Vermont River Corridor FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions about River Corridors, provided by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, Rivers Program
  • Stream Power and River Sensitivity Coarse Screening
    Stream Power is a parameter that can be used to predict whether the stream will flood or erode in specific reaches. This fact sheet describes stream power and how it can be used with the Coarse Screen to evaluate a watershed for FGM.
  • Active River Area FGM Method Summary
    The Active River Area, sometimes called the River Corridor, is the area around a stream where the stream may be found at any point in time. This fact sheet summarizes how this corridor can be delineated.

Disaster Strikes! Now what? Planning for Fluvial Erosion Hazards in the Northeast (upcoming)

a RiverSmart Communities Fact Sheet. At-a-glance reference sheet will describe steps to take in the event of (and well in advance of) a flood, or fluvial erosion event.

  • Federal Agencies Involved in Flood Mitigation & Response
  • Massachusetts Agencies Involved in River Management
  • Preparation and Recovery
  • USDA Programs

Financing the Fix: A Guide to Funding Assessment, Repairs, and Planning in the Floodplain (upcoming)

a RiverSmart Communities Fact Sheet.  At-a-glance reference sheet will describe where to go for funds to repair infrastructure damaged by fluvial erosion and plan to avoid future damages by living with the river. Highlights eligibility requirements for each source, and common pitfalls to avoid.