Beaver dam intact, undersized culvert washed out

photo from the air of two beaver dams and a washed out culvert with closed road
Sunday, July 25, 2021
Place name or River name: 
East Street in Belchertown
Swift River
42°14'48.07" N
72°20'14.29" W

Six days after the road collapse at East Street in Belchertown, nature’s engineers are shoring up their structures (top left) behind the pile of debris that was carried up and over their dam (still intact) during intense rains. Debris clogged the 3-foot undersized culvert at the road, raising water levels to ~2 feet above the road (and top of the beaver dam), ultimately eroding the roadbed, causing catastrophic failure, and significant downstream flooding and damage to homes. This crossing has been replaced with a 9-foot structure.