Wax Begonia

Common Name: 
Wax Begonia
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Identification Notes
Wax begonias are often thought of as a plant for shade, but most of today’s varieties grow well in full sun making this plant very versatile for gardens and landscaping. In the sun plants are shorter and develop somewhat more flowers than in the shade. Begonias bloom continuously throughout the summer and early fall. The plant is "self-cleaning", meaning that the spent flowers tend to fall off by themselves and thus no “dead-heading is required. Wax begonias require less maintenance compared to other common annuals.
Life Cycle
Growth Habit
somewhat succulent, branched from base, fibrous-rooted; to 18"
Wax Begonia Plant
very glossy; ovate or oval to broad-oval green, bronze or dark red leaves
many flowers in small axillary clusters, rose-red to white
Wax Begonia
Bloom Time
Propagation Method
Landscape Uses
Bedding; foreground of gardens, containers, and edging