Summer Snapdragon

Common Name: 
Summer Snapdragon
Scientific Name Genus: 
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Identification Notes
Angelonia is a great plant for planting in full sun, average soil, and hot, humid summers. Many people think of this plant for the South, but it does remarkably well in New England when planted in the right place. Its spikey flowers resembling a wide-mouthed face bloom from continuously from mid-June into September. Once Angelonia is established it requires little or no maintenance and is not susceptible to disease or insect problems.
Life Cycle
Growth Habit
Erect with some branching, about 12-18” tall.
narrow, 2-3” long, toothed margins and pointed tips.
Bloom Time
Spring to Summer
Propagation Method
Seed or stem cuttings
Varieties or Cultivars
‘Angelmist’, ‘Angelface’, ‘Serena’, ‘Hilo Princess’, and ‘Carita’ are common varieties propagated by cuttings. ‘Serena’ is the first seed-propagated type.
Landscape Uses
Foreground and mid-ground of gardens and containers.