Globe Amaranth

Common Name: 
Globe Amaranth
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Identification Notes
Globe Amaranth is an excellent low maintenance, “sustainable” annual plant. Normally it does not require much maintenance and it blooms continuously throughout the summer up to frost. It needs full sun and does well on dry soil. Unfortunately, Globe Amaranth does not reach flowering size in bedding plant packs so plants are not widely available. However, once they get out the packs plants grow quickly. Globe Amaranth is often grown for use in dried flower arrangements.
Life Cycle
Growth Habit
erect-growing, branched along a central stem, about 12" tall
Globe Amaranth
oblong to elliptic, 2-4" long, margins entire and ciliate
heads are globular or spherical and look a lot like clover flowers. The colorful part of these “flowers” comes from papery bracts rather than real the numerous real flowers which are very small and largely hidden. Colors are white, violet, rose, or pink
Globe Amaranth
Bloom Time
Propagation Method
Landscape Uses
bedding; fg; edging
Globe Amaranth