Cigar Flower

Common Name: 
Cigar Flower
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Identification Notes
Cigar Flower is a unique plant due to its tubular flowers which resemble a lit cigar. It may be grown in light shade or full sun. In the sun, plants are more compact, have somewhat more flowers, and the leaves are dark glossy green with reddish highlights. Cigar Flower requires little maintenance and blooms continuously throughout the summer and early fall. Plants are sometimes grown as a greenhouse pot plant for use as a flowering houseplant.
Life Cycle
Growth Habit
Shrubby, about 1' tall
Cigar Flower
oblong to lanceolate, to 3" long
axillary, calyx tubular and bright red, white, or pink with a white mouth and dark tip resembling the ash on a cigar
Cigar Flower
Propagation Method
Landscape Uses
edging, foreground of a garden, and containers