Common Name: 
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Identification Notes
Grows well in full sun to part shade. Tolerant of a wide range of soils, even wet soils.
Native Habitat
Eastern North America.
Growth Habit
The form is vase shaped, reaching 6-10' tall and 3-6' wide. Can be suckering.
Glossy, dark green above and pubescent graysih-green underside. Leaves grow up to 3.5" long with an elliptic shape. Fall color is generally a bright red, can have a mix of oranges.
Aronia arbutifolia fall color
Corymbs of small white or light pink five petaled flowers. Spring
Aronia arbutifolia flower
Clusters of glossy red fruits in fall persisting into winter.
Aronia arbutifolia fruit
Aronia arbutifolia fruit
Bloom Time
Spring - May
Common Problems
No serious insect or disease problems. Some susceptibility to leaf spot, twig blight and fruit blight.
Varieties or Cultivars
Brilliantissima: more compact - 6-8 foot tall - better red fall color and larger and more abundant fruit in fall.
Landscape Uses
Good in mass in the shrub border. Tolerance of wet conditions make it a good choice for rain gardens, wet areas, or near ponds. Native. Natural look with vase shape and colonizing habit. Needs maintenance for a tidier look.