Canna Lily

Common Name: 
Canna Lily
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Identification Notes
Canna Lilies have a wonderful tropical feel due to their large leaves and terminal clusters of many flowers suggesting orchids. Cannas have been around a long time and were very popular in the Victorian period as the central plants of island flower beds. They are still used this way in many public parks and in the gardens of restored late 19th century homes. In south Cannas are perennials, but in New Engalnd the rhizomes (underground stems) generally do not overwinter. Assuming plenty of space , Canna Lily is a very reliable plant to make a bold statement.
Life Cycle
Growth Habit
erect to about 6' tall. Flowering shoots originate from underground stems called rhizomes
Canna Lily
Canna Lily
to 2' long entire margins, petioles sheathing the stem; blue-green green, reddish-purple or variegated
terminal to 4" across red, yellow, orange, white, variegated or speckled
Canna Lily
Canna Lily
Propagation Method
Rhizomes or Seeds
Varieties or Cultivars
Canna Lily rhizomes
Landscape Uses
Bedding; background or anywhere in the full sun where a large plant will have space to spread out. Also works well as a statement piece in a pot or planter.
Canna Lily
Canna Lily