Annual Vinca

Common Name: 
Annual Vinca
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Identification Notes
In New England, Annual Vinca must be grown in full sun and well-drained soil to perform well. Hot summer weather is helpful too, to get the best growth and flowering. In the South, Annual Vinca is as important for planting in hot, full sun locations as impatiens is for shady locations. In New England Annual Vinca often starts slow and reaches peak flowering in July and August. Annual Vinca is an appropriate plant for herb gardens as its extracts are used in modern medicine for treatment of some cancers.
Life Cycle
Growth Habit
erect or low spreading, to 18''
Annual Vinca Plant Habit Growth
opposite oblong 1-3" long petioled, glossy dark green
Annual Vinca Leaves
solitary in leaf axils, corolla salverform, 5 lobed to 1" across rose, pink white; often with reddish eye. Flowers have a distinctive pinwheel look with a "pinhole" in the center
Annual Vinca Flowers
Propagation Method
Landscape Uses
bedding, foreground of gardens, containers
Annual Vinca Landscape Uses