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Scientific Name Genus: 
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Identification Notes
Ageratum is prized for its blue flowers and is one of best blue-flowered annuals available. Ageratum performs best in the late spring and early summer and in the early fall. Some varieties have more heat tolerance especially the vegetatively propagated types.
Life Cycle
Annual reproducing from seed.
Growth Habit
dense, compact mounds to 12” tall
Ageratum Plant Habit Growth
opposite, ovate, cordate base, petioled, margins crenate-serrate.
heads forming dense, nearly flat-topped, clusters of small (1/4”dia.) blue, white or pink flowers.
Ageratum Flowers
Bloom Time
June – September
Propagation Method
Seed or Vegetative
Varieties or Cultivars
Hawaii Blue
Landscape Uses
bedding; edging; foreground; containers. Ageratum is a good blue-flowered annual. It blooms best when the nights are cool – spring and fall. There are also tall varieties used as cut flowers.