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CDLE Newsletter

Winter 2014 Vol. 17:1
In This Issue:

Upcoming Events 

Twilight Meeting Recap

Massachusetts Corn Hybrid Evaluation 

Biochar: A Brief Introduction 

Composting at Blue Star 

Summer 2013 Vol. 16:2
In This Issue:

Innovative Best Management Practices at Blue Star Equiculture

Current Reseach Project Overviews

The Student Farming Enterprise

Fencing for Horse

Massachusetts Outstanding Dairy Farm 2013

Spring 2013 Vol. 16:1
In This Issue:

January Workshop Recap
Local Profile -Shepherd’s Gate Dairy Goat Farm
Cultivation with Manure Application Affects Ammonia Volatilization and Corn Silage Yield
Blue Star Equiculture-Pasture Management

Winter 2012 Vol. 15:3
In This Issue:

Grass-Fed meat
Local Profile
-Natural Roots
Heating with Grain Corn
Wintering Livestock
Weed Management
2012 Corn Hybrid Evaluation
Upcoming Events

Fall 2012 Vol. 15:2
In This Issue:

Twilight Meeting Recap
Exciting Time at Stockbridge
Agricultural Learning Center
Anaerobic Digestion
Local Profile
-Valley Malt
Effectively Reseeding Pasture
Weed Management
Equine Pasture Management
Cover Crop Management
Upcoming Events

Summer 2012 Vol. 15:1
In This Issue:

New UMass Director of Equine Management
What’s new at the Hadley Farm
Constructing Sacrifice Areas
Corn Stalk Nitrate Test
Switchgrass research Project at UMass
Massachusetts 2012 Outstanding Dairy Farm Winner
Upcoming Events

Fall 2011 Vol. 14:1
In This Issue:

xtension is Here to Help
West Experiment Station- New Director
CDLE New Website
Two Factsheets Concerning Flooded Cropland
Checklist for Livestock Flooded Areas
2011 Massachusetts Corn Hybrid Evaluation
2011 Green Pasture Winner
Upcoming Events

Winter 2010 Vol. 13:2
In This Issue:

Farmer Research Meetings- March 31 and April 7
2009 Silage Corn Evaluation
Equine Reproduction Program
Understanding Livestock Behavior
2009 Pasture Evaluation
Outreach Activities and Other Upcoming Events

Fall 2010 Vol. 13:1
In This Issue:

Pearson Family Presented Green Pasture Award
Organic Heritage Wheat Research at UMass
2010 Silage and Grain Corn Evaluation
Combating Meningeal Worms in Camelids
Equine Reproduction Services at UMass
Upcoming Events

Summer 2009 Vol. 12:2
In This Issue:

Farmer Twilight Meeting - August 5
Field Day, Umass
Conserving Ammonia in Surface-applied Manure
Managing Fertilizer for Corn
BMPs for Dairy, Livestock, Equine
Pasture Research and Outreach and Other Events