UMass Extension Vegetable Program


For each crop listed on the left, you will find some basic information about growing the crop and a link to the appropriate section of the New England Vegetable Management Guide, which provides more detailed information on production and pest management for that crop.  Each crop is linked to the major insects and diseases that affect that crop.  Where available, you will also find fact sheets on crop and pest management, IPM guidelines, or research reports.


For more information turn to the New England Vegetable Management Guide Crop Pages where you will find detailed recommendations relating to cultural practices, varieties and nutrient recommendations, and specific information on management of weeds, insects and diseases for particular crops or crop group. Pesticide recommendations for weed, insect and disease control have been updated as of 2013.


You can find information and spreadsheets to help you calculate the costs and resources required for growing particular crops on our Crop Production Budgets page.