UMass Extension Vegetable Program

Post-Harvest and Storage Resources

General Resources

The USDA's Agriculture Handbook 66, The Commercial Storage of Fruits, Vegetables, and Florist and Nursery Stocks, is an excellent resource for storage of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. 

Chart of harvest, curing and storage conditions for fall and winter vegetables, compiled for New England diversified vegetable farms.

A great introductory article on vegetable storage at the home or small farm, from University of Missouri Extension.

Basic harvest and storage information for the home gardener, from University of Iowa Extension.

NOFA-VT gives the results of on-farm research projects on winter growing and storage.

Ruth Hazzard's presentation on vegetable storage from December 2010.


Storage Engineering


Engineering Storage Facilities for Winter Vegetable Crops, UConn/UMass sponsored program, February 20, 2014

Ben Weil, Faculty & Luke Doody, graduate student, UMass Building & Construction Technology Dept.
Low-cost ways to provide optimal storage conditions for a variety of commonly stored vegetable crops, with a focus on energy saving technologies that control humidity, temperature and ventilation. 

Ruth Hazzard, UMASS Extension
Results of SARE-­‐funded winter storage study for maintaining quality in carrots.

Rob Johanson, Goranson Farm, Dresden, Maine
Retrofitting an existing building to store winter vegetables and utilize exhaust heat from a cooler compressor to heat separate winter squash and onion storage rooms.

Laura Tangerini, Tangerini Spring Street Farm, Millis, MA
Construction and engineering of 3 tandem earth-­‐bermed storage facilities to provide separate temperature and humidity conditions for winter vegetables.


Meeting Needs of Vegetables for Winter Storage, NOFA Summer Conference, August 1, 2013

Luke Doody, UMass Building Sciences
Crop Storage Facilities


Postharvest & Storage, New England Vegetable and Fruit Conference, December 14, 2011

Stephen Belyea, Maine Department of Agriculture
Engineering Winter Storage for Vegetable Crops


Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture, Winter Storage Resource 2011

Case Study: New Construction, Stand-Alone Cold Storage with Free Air


Vegetable Notes Articles



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Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

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Pumpkin and Squash

VegNotes - Pumpkin and Winter Squash Harvest and Storage