UMass Extension Vegetable Program


Pest Alerts, July 31, 2014

Solanaceous crops: Late blight continues to spread, with new outbreak confirmed this week from a tomato field in Worcester Co. MA. Several samples from MA were genotyped as clonal lineage US-23, which is generally sensitive to methanoxam (Ridomil) and attacks both tomato and potato. For a map of late blight reports and photos of symptoms, see

Pest Alerts, July 3, 2014

Sweet Corn: European Corn Borer: Captures for the week rose in some locations (eg Sunderland, Amherst, Leominster) and dropped in most others compared to last week; we are nearing the end of the first flight.  Continue scouting for borers in pretassel and green tassel and spray if 15% of plants are infested.  To use a quick decision tool see scouting sheets in the Record Keeping Booklet of the

Pest Alerts, June 19, 2014

European Corn Borer: The earliest corn has emerging tassels and now is the key time to scout for ECB & apply controls. First silk has been seen in warm areas; set out corn earworm traps when corn has first silk. For the ECB-ZI or ‘Iowa’ strain, flight peaks at 631 GDD at base 50 F. Most of our trapping sites have reached the peak moth flight according to degree day models.