UMass Extension Vegetable Program


Pest Alerts, September 11, 2014

 This will be our last regular Pest Alerts of the season thanks to grant funding provided by the Northeastern IPM Center for 2014 and 2015. Funding paid for field scouts in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Vermont to scout vegetable farms in each state and publish findings to a regional farmer audienceeach week throughout the season. Special thanks goes to: Andy Radin and Lauren Breene at URI; Ann Hazelrigg, Mollie Klepack and Anya Rose at UVM; and Ruth Hazzard, Sue Scheufele and Lisa McKeag at UMass for diligent scouting and careful reporting.

Pest Alerts, August 21, 2014

Cucurbits: Cucurbit downy mildew was confirmed on pumpkin in Franklin Co. MA this week. It has been reported on cucumber, cantaloupe, acorn and summer squash in other states, but all cucurbits should be considered at risk. Growers in MA should spray cucurbits on a 7 day rotation with oomycete specific materials. Fungicides registered for Downy Mildew include Tanos, Zampro, ProPhyt, Curzate, Forum, Gavel, Presidio, Ranman, Previcur Flex, Pristine, and Reason.

Pest Alerts, July 31, 2014

Solanaceous crops: Late blight continues to spread, with new outbreak confirmed this week from a tomato field in Worcester Co. MA. Several samples from MA were genotyped as clonal lineage US-23, which is generally sensitive to methanoxam (Ridomil) and attacks both tomato and potato. For a map of late blight reports and photos of symptoms, see