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Annual Bluegrass Weevils
April 17, 2015
The annual bluegrass weevils are finally on the move - albeit slowly - in New England.

We visited a golf course within 20 miles of Amherst earlier this week and collected vacuum samples from two fairways and two roughs. While we did not notice any weevils on the surface while we were there, we did collect some from both the roughs and the fairways.

I just finished dissecting those weevils, and the good news is that they are a long way from being reproductively mature. And interestingly, 90% of the weevils in the fairways were females (while the weevils in the rough were nearly 50:50). Once the weather begins to warm up, we can assume the weevils will begin to mature fairly quickly.

Meanwhile remember that the plant indicator for applying adult treatments is Forsythia "half green - half gold". I'm guessing we are at least 10 to 14 days away from that at this point. So don't panic yet, just start getting ready.

Submitted by: Dr. Pat Vittum

For additional information about integrated management of turf pests, refer to our Professional Guide for IPM in Turf.