Globe Amaranth

Common Name: 
Globe Amaranth
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Identification Notes
Plants of this species of Globe Amaranth are rather sprawling and are not as neat and uniform as the erect-growing G. globosa. Also, varieties of this species have red, orange, or yellow flowers, otherwise the characteristics, uses, and requirements are the same for both species. ‘Strawberry Fields’, an All-America Selections winner, is probably the most commonly planted Globe Amaranth of this species.
Life Cycle
Growth Habit
sprawling with branching from plant base; flowering stems are fairly erect about 15" tall.
Globe Amaranth
oblong to elliptic, 2-4" long, margins entire and ciliate.
heads are globular or spherical and look a lot like clover flowers. The colorful part of these “flowers” comes from papery bracts rather than real the numerous real flowers which are very small and largely hidden. Colors are white, violet, rose, or pink
Globe Amaranth
Bloom Time
Propagation Method
Landscape Uses
Globe Amaranth