Extension Nutrition Education Program

Online Nutrition and Food Safety Courses and Cyberseminars

UMassONE: Online Nutrition Education Source for Professionals

The UMassONE Source is comprised of online educational courses and seminars for K-12 teachers, day care providers, nutritionists and dietitians, health educators, college students, foodservice staff, and other health and social service professionals.

With ONE Source, learners can gain nutrition and food safety expertise at their own pace, at any time of day or night. Using the latest technology for group discussions, audiovisual streaming, and question/answer feedback, participants interact with their peers, the instructor, and a question/answer database for communication and feedback. Links to related websites are available for each course and seminar.

Courses for Dietitians, Teachers, and Health Professionals:

Fats and Health

Fats and Health includes two, 5-week mini-courses: Fitting Fats into a Healthy Lifestyle and Current Topics in Fats and Health. Our interactive courses use simple case studies, online readings and resources, and asynchronous online discussions with peers and University of Massachusetts faculty to help you learn the latest dietary guidance, public health recommendations, and behavior change strategies for fat intake.

Nutrition and Health in the Science Classroom (NUTR 597 D; 3 credits)

is designed for teachers and Extension educators with experience in lesson plan design. Students will increase familiarity with Internet nutrition resources, increase knowledge of nutrition science and applications, apply behavior change and learning theories and techniques in personal and field settings, and integrate nutrition science, technology, and experimentation into the classroom. This course satisfies one of the course requirements for the online Masters in Science Education program through the School of Education.

Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle (NUTRITN 130, 3 credits)

is designed to help you learn about the science of food and nutrition as well as give you an opportunity to improve your nutritional health. This course fulfills the "BS" designation of General Education and therefore focuses on the physiology of nutrient functions and metabolism. Go to Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle Online to view more information about the coursework.

New Online Master's Degree Program

The Department of Nutrition and School of Public Health and Health Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have initiated a new, fully online Master of Public Health in Nutrition program that allows individuals to earn an MPH while continuing their careers in the nutrition, public health, and health care fields. Through online learning, e-mail, and Internet library resources, the Master’s Degree of Public Health in Nutrition allows you to gain knowledge and skills in nutrition and public health while maximizing flexibility in where and when you study.

Online Seminars and Workshops for Health Professionals:

Omega 3 Fatty Acids—Remedies, Risks, and Recommendations

Our latest audiovisual Cyberseminar with streaming audio, slides, illustrations, transcribed audio, interactive questions, and links to Web resources for current information on omega-3 fatty acids and health.