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Welcome to the UMass Extension Weed Herbarium! Weeds in the herbarium can be viewed by common name, scientific name, or plant family by using the menu tabs below. Images and notes to aid in identification are revealed by clicking on the weed name. For questions and permission to use photos contact Randy Prostak;

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Common Name Scientific Name Family Name
agrimony Agrimonia gryposepala Rosaceae - Rose Family
agrimony, tall hairy see - agrimony
akebia, five-leaf Akebia quinata Lardizabalaceae - Lardizabala Family
alexanders, darkpurple see - angelica, purplestem
alexanders, golden Zizia aurea Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) - Carrot Family
alyssum, hoary Berteroa incana Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) - Mustard Family
amaranth, spiny Amaranthus spinosus Amaranthaceae - Amaranth Family
angelica, American see - angelica, purplestem
angelica, purplestem Angelica atropurpurea Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) - Carrot Family
aniseroot Osmorhiza longistilis Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) - Carrot Family
anoda, crested see - anoda, spurred
anoda, spurred Anoda cristata Malvaceae - Mallow Family
apple-of-sodom see - horsenettle
aster, white wood Aster divaricatus Asteraceae (Compositae) - Aster or Sunflower Family
aster, whorled Oclemena acuminata Asteraceae (Compositae) - Aster or Sunflower Family
avens, white Geum canadense Rosaceae - Rose Family
balsam, apple see - cucumber, wild
balsam, himalaya Impatiens glandulifera Balsaminaceae - Touch-Me-Not Family
bamboo, Japanese see - knotweed, Japanese
bamboo, Mexican see - knotweed, Japanese
barnyard grass Echinochloa crus-galli Poaceae (Graminae) - Grass Family
bean, wild see - groundnut
bedstraw, annual see - bedstraw, catchweed
bedstraw, catchweed Galium aparine Rubiaceae - Madder Family
bedstraw, hairy Galium pilosum Rubiaceae - Madder Family
bedstraw, smooth Galium mollugo Rubiaceae - Madder Family
beggarslice Hackelia virginiana Boraginaceae - Borage Family
beggarticks Bidens frondosa Asteraceae (Compositae) - Aster or Sunflower Family
bellwort see - Venus lookingglass
belvedere see - kochia
bentgrass, creeping Agrostis stolonifera Poaceae (Graminae) - Grass Family
big bluestem Andropogon gerardii Poaceae (Graminae) - Grass Family
bindweed, field Convolvulus arvensis Convolvulaceae - Morningglory Family
bindweed, fringed see - knotweed, black fringed
bindweed, fringed see - knotweed, black fringed
bindweed, hedge Calystegia sepium Convolvulaceae - Morningglory Family
bird's nest see - carrot, wild
bitter see - dock, broadleaf
bittercress Cardamine hirsuta Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) - Mustard Family
bittercress, cuckoo Cardamine pratensis Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) - Mustard Family
bittersweet, asiatic see - bittersweet, oriental
bittersweet, oriental Celastrus orbiculatus Celastraceae - Stafftree Family
black-eyed susan Rudbeckia hirta Asteraceae (Compositae) - Aster or Sunflower Family
bladder campion Silene vulgaris Caryophyllaceae - Pink Family
blue devil see - blueweed
bluecurls Trichostema dichotomum Lamiaceae (Labiatae) - Mint Family
bluegrass, annual Poa annua Poaceae (Graminae) - Grass Family
bluegrass, bulbous Poa bulbosa Poaceae (Graminae) - Grass Family
bluejoint see - big bluestem
bluestem, little Andropogon scoparius Poaceae (Graminae) - Grass Family