UMass Extension Landscape, Nursery and Urban Forestry Program

Faculty & Staff

Amanda Bayer
Extension Assistant Professor of Sustainable Landscape Horticulture, based at UMass Amherst
Tel: (413) 545-1059 Email:
Nicholas Brazee
Extension Plant Pathologist, based in the UMass Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab, UMass Amherst
Tel: (413) 545-2826 Email:
Kathleen Carroll
Horticulturist and Program Coordinator, based at UMass Amherst
Tel: (413) 545-0895 Email:
Richard Harper
Extension Assistant Professor of Community Forestry, based at UMass Amherst
Tel: (413) 545-3747 Email:
Jason Lanier
Extension Educator, based at UMass Amherst
Tel: (413) 545-2965 Email:
Geoffrey Njue
Green Industry Specialist, based at the UMass Cranberry Station, Wareham, MA
Tel: (508) 295-2212 x 47 Email:
Russell Norton
Extension Educator with Cape Cod Cooperative Extension
Tel: (508) 375-6692 Email:
Randall Prostak
Extension Weed Specialist, based at UMass Amherst
Tel: (413) 577-1738 Email:
Dennis Ryan
Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resources Conservation, UMass Amherst, specializing in Aboriculture/Community Forestry
Tel: (413) 545-6626 Email:
Ellen Weeks
Administrative Assistant for the program, based at UMass Amherst
Tel: (413) 545-2685 Email: