UMass Extension Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture Program

APPs: Useful apps for greenhouse growers

Here is a list of apps that may be useful to greenhouse businesses. 

Greenhouse Pest Guide Smart Phone Web App (Mobile optimized website app to be used with your browser on smart phones and other devices)

Our new Greenhouse Pest Management App for commercial growers of greenhouse crops and flowers was created by Tina Smith, University of Massachusetts and Leanne Pundt, University of Connecticut. This mobile optimized website app is a pest management reference guide that contains options for using biological control and pesticides. Partial support for this project provided by the New England Florist Association Floriculture Applied Research Fund.
For questions or comments about this app, contact: Tina Smith, UMass Extension at 413-545-5306 or email

Pesticide Side Effects App, Biobest (Free, Apple, Android and Blackberry platforms)

ITunes link and more information on Biobest website
Guideline for the integrated use of biological control agents & pollinators in combination with crop protection products. Allows user to find pesticides compatible with specific biologicals.

Plant Diagnostic App (Free, Apple)

Link or search "Plant Sample Submission" on ITunes
Users select which diagnostic lab they would like to submit samples to, fill out relevant information and submit up to six digital images to be sent to the diagnostician via email.  Participating Universities include UConn, Purdue, University of New Hampshire, Ohio State University, Auburn University, University of Illinois, University of Kentucky, and Michigan State University.   All types of plants and plant problems can be submitted.  Images can be submitted for plant or insect identification and for disease diagnosis. Some labs may charge a fee.

PGR Mixmaster (Free, Apple, Blackberry, Android

Link PGR calculator available from University of New Hampshire Extension

PGR Calculator, OHP Inc. (Free, Apple)

Link or search "PGR calculator, OHP" The PGR Calculator will allow the user to look up current PGR rates in ppm for spray or drench applications. The grower then enters the desired dose and the size of the application area, or the number of pots for a drench and the app calculates the amounts of solution and product needed.

Compiled by Tina Smith, UMass Extension, Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture Program